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Facebook is changing again

Facebook's recent changes to the user's experience to put it nicely have received negative reviews.  For those of you just getting used to the changes, more are on the way.  After reading a CNET article on it, I'm not sure these changes will go over any better.  In fact, you may dislike it even more.

For home users, why buy antivirus?

If you own a computer...even a Mac, you need to have antivirus installed with the latest virus definitions.  That seems to be a no brainer these days.  Most people get the fact they need something protecting them and their personal information from the crazy people that are out their looking to ruin their day. However,

The future of Facebook

Facebook is cool, hip and any other word you might want to use.  It has close to 12% of the worlds population as users.  Amazingly enough, FB still has room to grow.  According to the World Bank, in 2009 27% of the 6.7 billion people in the world had internet access.  That means FB has