As I sit here removing viruses from a client’s computer and after having a brief conversation with the customer, I realize that many people still struggle with understanding how to prevent viruses and malware. Interesting enough, preventing a virus infection or malware on your computer can really be fairly simple.

First, don’t open forwarded e-mails regardless of how funny they may be especially if it is from someone you have never heard of. Second, beware of the dangers of social media sites such as Facebook. Although these sites are fun and provide tons of information, they are also littered with opportunities for your computer to become infected. Lastly, don’t go to web sites that are questionable whether in content (i.g. pornography), physical location (i.g. Nigeria), or sites on gambling to name a few.

Really to put it best, the most practical way to avoid virus and malware problems on your computer is to choose the web sites you go to wisely, don’t open forwarded e-mails, be leery of what you see on social media sites such as Facebook and have solid anti-virus and anti-malware programs installed on your system.