Facebook is cool, hip and any other word you might want to use.  It has close to 12% of the worlds population as users.  Amazingly enough, FB still has room to grow.  According to the World Bank, in 2009 27% of the 6.7 billion people in the world had internet access.  That means FB has yet to reach nearly 1 billion people.  That’s right 1 billion.

It’s accurate to say that it will likely never reach full use by the public.  For one reason or another, many people don’t care about FB.  In fact, I tend to lean that way myself.  I find that it absorbs my time of which I’d rather be doing something productive.  Either way, it still has a draw that is hard to deny.

So where is FB in the future?  Will it grow to reach 50% of internet users or more?  Or has it hit maturity where it maintains membership for a while and then steadily declines?  And will it be the next MySpace which was once the 500 pound gorilla of social media?  Really, no one knows.  Time will tell.  However, I believe it is the next MySpace.  I think there is another Mark Zuckerberg sitting at home thinking about what FB is missing and will develop a hit.  Either way, it will be fun to wait and watch.