Facebook‘s recent changes to the user’s experience to put it nicely have received negative reviews.  For those of you just getting used to the changes, more are on the way.  After reading a CNET article on it, I’m not sure these changes will go over any better.  In fact, you may dislike it even more.

FB is adding a timeline to your profile.  You will be able to see your life and your friend’s lives from the very beginning.  It sounds cool and I’ll bet many parts of it will be neat and fun to see.

However, I can see plenty of reasons why you wouldn’t want this.  For example, people who are divorced probably don’t want their ex spouses showing up in their timeline.  Or what about someone who had a momentary lapse of judgement and an embarrassing photo is floating around.  Or maybe you simply had a ugly shirt, super scary eyeglasses or something else you’d like to forget about.  I can see plenty of reasons that people might not like the new and “improved” Facebook.  I’m sure there will be some feature that will let you modify your timeline where you can remove photos, comments and whatever is allowed on it, but to me, that seems like something that will waste my time.  I don’t want to spend time monitoring my timeline and I bet others don’t either.

What are your thoughts?

(Click here to read the CNET article)